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Pixie Cockerill

Peter Pan claimed, “all you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of Pixie (dust)”. I interpret this to mean that success is a combination of hard work, believing in oneself, and having Pixie involved... of course!

I have great enthusiasm for creatively telling, sharing, and listening to stories. This year has enriched my love of this through exploring the Digital and Creative world of Radio. Understanding a story and implementing it both visually and in an audio context has been exciting and rewarding, and developed the skillset to see an idea through both areas of sound and sight. With a curious spirit, I also have a weekend show where I can explore the on-air space!

As the Waves 96.1 Manager, I am incredibly proud of how the station has been received by our local whanāu and the wider community. From the plentiful interaction and positive feedback, I am delighted that we have made a lasting impact and created a platform that people feel a part of. 

An ecosystem with determination, trust, and whanaungatanga at the core of its culture is an environment that inspires me. If these are values that you too hold close to your heart then I look so forward to having a kōrero with you!

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