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Lunar Intruder - The Band to Watch.

Josephine Duncan
Lunar Intruder Waves
Lunar Intruder  Lunar Intruder

One Facebook post and the rest was history. Lunar Intruder is made up of Cameron Buyers (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals), Matthew Genet (Bass), Max Wolvekamp (Lead Guitar) and Ricki Allan (Drums). Known for their explosive and energetic sets, they have firmly forged their name with elements of local indie rock, garage rock, and psychedelic genres. 

What they're all about

Lunar Intruder mixes local indie rock, garage rock, and psychedelic genres to make the perfect tunes. They were first introduced in 2020, starting in backyards playing for friends and clubs. But it was only up from there when they were awarded First Place at the annual University of Canterbury's 'Battle of the Bands' competition. Their EP 'Moonlight' speaks to growing up, losing loved ones, getting kicked out of your flat and the uneasiness of being in your twenties and navigating what life throws at you.

Pushing onto the music scene

Selling out their 2022 Moonlight tour, Lunar Intruder knew they were here to stay. ''Once the tour started and we sold out Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland, we stood back and was like damn, we could actually make some money off of this and do what we love.'' They've kept that momentum; with multiple performances on the horizon from festivals to our very own Indie Uprise, Lunar Intruder are here to stay.

Fresh sets galore

What to expect from a Lunar Intruder performance? New songs!!! ''We've kept the main songs, but we've got some new songs that are probably my favourites.'' Keen to hear your favourites and make some new ones? Come to Indie Uprise and be transported back to where it all started, a garage in Riccarton. 

I bet you're hooked

Going from strength to strength Lunar Intruder is on their way up, if they're not there already. Hooked on them already? Come to Indie Uprise to experience their electrifying tunes; tickets are available at fluxcapacitor.flicket.co.nz