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Jaime Moore

Heya, I’m Jaime!

When I’m not singing to my shampoo bottles and face cleansers pretending like I am the next finalist for New Zealand’s Got Talent (I did audition when I was 11 but didn’t make it to the big screens) you can find me in P204 at 150 Madras Street as a NZBS second-year radio student! Let's just say, my future in radio is looking brighter than my chances of making it to New Zealand’s Got Talent stage. 

I've had the opportunity to explore new things and truly develop my strengths throughout the past year and a half of study at the NZBS and I have loved every minute of it. This year I am majoring in Digital and Promotions and have landed the role of promotions manager for our station Waves 96.1.  

As Winston Churchill said, “Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life”. Being able to major in these two streams has opened my eyes to a world where each moment of my educational and professional activities has been so rewarding but also a good challenge. Pursuing a career that aligns with my passions and interests is where I have landed and I couldn’t be more excited to see where this industry takes me! 

Through doing promotional work for MediaWorks Canterbury as a Team Leader, and my majors, I am constantly finding ways to expand my skill set and knowledge. My natural drive, work ethic, and eagerness to learn will make me a great asset to any team. And, if you're looking for someone who's a little clumsy but a lot of fun, you've found your match!

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Jaime Moore - Portfolio of Work

I've compiled a google drive folder with work from my personal as well as professional life that I'm proud of.


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