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Winter Wellness

Clara Craig
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Winter Wellness  Image Credit: Maryna Andriichenko (iStock)

The days are getting shorter, you go to work in the dark and head home in the dark and that big wooly jacket is now a must whenever you go outdoors...

The days are getting shorter, you go to work in the dark and head home in the dark, that big wooly jacket is now a must whenever you go outdoors and you are now contemplating if it’s time to bring that heater out of hibernation…


Let’s face it, winter is coming. After a blissful summer basking in the sunshine with our friends and whānau, it can be incredibly disconcerting knowing that temperatures will start to rapidly drop over the next few months. A lack of sunlight means we can find it more difficult to wake up in the mornings and we resent having to leave the house while our moods seem more unstable than usual. There are some small steps that can help you cope so you can still be your best self this winter, regardless of your frozen car and red nose…


1. Get sunlight whenever you can. Sunlight encourages the production of Vitamin D within our body which plays a key role in maintaining good health. Sunlight also helps reduce the amount of melatonin, a chemical that helps with sleep, within our body. This will help you to stay awake and alert throughout the day. Prioritizing a walk during your lunch break can help keep your mental health in check during these darker days.

2. Eat a balanced diet. Remember the expression an apple a day keeps the doctor away? That saying is never more relevant during these winter months. Eating a balanced diet which consists of 5+ fruits and vegetables a day will help you avoid winter illness. So, like my Mother used to say, eat your broccoli or no dessert!

3. Fill your mental cup. If you need to take a weekend off to sit in front of a warm fire and watch your favourite TV show, do it! Over committing yourself to social events may drain your mental and physical energy during these colder months. It is okay to cancel plans if you’re not feeling up to it and it is okay to take a sick day if you begin to develop a slight sniffle. Self-care is so important during these times, so go easy on yourself!

4. Reach out. If you’re feeling lethargic and down 24/7, it’s okay to reach out for help. Seasonal depression can be a serious mood disorder and you should speak to your doctor if your mental health worsens over these winter months. Otherwise, reach out to friends and family whenever you need! Who knows, maybe they need some comfort aswell.